A story

of passion


Who are we?

The essence of FiMM

FiMM is a company specialising in precision watchmaking and draws on 40 years of experience to produce exceptional pieces. Its unique expertise and constant search for innovation have cemented its reputation in the industry.


Areas of activity

Multiple skill sets

At FiMM, we pride ourselves on our specialist micromechanical expertise. We have built a strong reputation in premium watchmaking and we are open to collaborations in a variety of fields, including technical instruments and jewellery. We draw on our proficiency in micromechanics to offer cutting-edge technical solutions, whether to produce specific components, assemble complex mechanisms, or create custom-made parts. We are always ahead of the curve in terms of the latest technological advances and seek out new opportunities to use our skills to innovate further.



Proud of our heritage

Here is an overview of FiMM’s history and key dates:

1981 at 1995

Creation and beginnings of the company

FiMM SA was founded in Courgenay by François Merçay. The name “FiMM” was taken from the acronym of François – Irene – Mercay Micromécanique. The company initially focused on developing instruments for use in the textile industry.


Bertrand Crevoisier takes over

The company was taken over by Bertrand Crevoisier, marking the start of a phase of significant investments. These investments aimed to increase the company’s programmability and machining capacity.


New machines

The organisation welcomed new numerical control machines and incorporated polishing operations and a washing system.


Profile turning

FiMM SA incorporated profile turning by creating our sister company, Microdec.


New facilities

The company moved to a modern building designed with the quality of our products in mind.


RJC certification

The company became certified and committed to environmentally friendly practices.


CoC certification

The company obtained the RJC’s CoC certification, which shows its compliance with the chain of custody.



FiMM invested in modern equipment and infrastructure to maintain high standards of performance and innovation.



Today, the manufacture has over 50 employees. Old machines have been replaced and our machinery has been completed with new, next-generation machining centres.


Production capacity


We have a diverse and sophisticated range of machinery that allows us to produce customised parts that meet our clients’ most specific requests.

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Values and ethics

Our commitments and company policy



Our priority is to create an exceptional client experience by efficiently meeting the individual needs of our clients. Our dedication to ensuring their satisfaction remains central to our efforts.



We are committed to maintaining superior production standards by using first-rate techniques and materials. Our aim is to provide excellent products that meet the highest quality standards.



At FiMM, we never tire of constantly searching for innovative ideas and watchmaking technologies. Our commitment to innovation pushes us to explore new approaches and to push the boundaries of creativity and technology. Our determination to remain an industry leader can be seen in our introduction of groundbreaking solutions that help to shape the future of watchmaking.



Our commitment to the most stringent ethical standards is unswerving, as is our resolve to maintain complete transparency in our business practices. We resolutely adhere to the values of honesty, equity and responsibility in all our interactions. Our upright conduct guides each and every one of our decisions and actions, bolstering the trust of our clients and partners.



The environment is central to our sustainable and responsible approach. We are committed to reducing our impact by adopting environmentally friendly production practices, reducing our energy consumption, optimising our use of resources and managing our waste. Our duty to future generations steers our decisive actions to protect the planet.

Health and safety at work

Health and safety at work

The health and safety of our employees are of paramount importance at FiMM. We ensure a safe working environment by taking preventative measures, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Appropriate training and the promotion of a culture of prevention support our practices. We believe that a healthy and safe team is essential to the quality of our work and to our success.



Rue de la Roche de Mars 16

2900 Porrentruy


+41 32 466 70 20


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